Tuesday, May 3, 2011


NOTE: I'm sure I sound like the most negative, rude, obnoxiously out spoken person ever. But really, I'm not. I try to find the positive in every thing, but the amount of stupidity in America and the world never ceases to amaze me.

Watch this before you read the blog, so it will all make sense.

As I was watching the Today Show this morning, they were airing previews of a segment talking to Susie Castillo (Miss USA 2003) about her recent experience with the TSA at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

After I watched the segment on the Today Show, I looked up videos on youtube of TSA agents giving people pat downs to see what the protocol/procedures are. On all the videos I watched, the TSA agent did it the same way every time.

After her pat down, she spoke with a manager from TSA, and the manager said that the agent followed proper protocol. Nothing out of the ordinary...
She opted out of the full body scan which means that you receive a pat down... that's just how it works. The video I posted above clearly shows her upset about the pat down and equates it with being sexually assaulted. What a slap in the face to anyone who has been sexually assaulted to compare sexual assault to a TSA agent running their hand up your leg for your safety and that reason only!!!

Oh. Come. On.

I personally have never received a pat down, but I kind of doubt it would be equivalent to being sexually assaulted. I have flown since they implemented the full body scanners in airports but they weren't at the airports/gates I went through. Like Susie Castillo, I would also opt out the full body scan because of the high level of radiation that they emit (I drank 6 diet cokes a day for 2 years, I can't take any chances), but never mind my own concerns. I would rather willingly make the decision to have a TSA agent pat me down. And if they have to cup my breast or stick a finger into the waistband of my pants to make sure I'm not smuggling drugs or weapons on an aircraft carrying 300 other people, yeah... I'm okay with that.

The purpose of me blogging about this is mainly to say that Susie Castillo is a big, fat whiner and it seems to me that she wants attention. My advice to her? Get over it! You're being overly sensitive, just like the TSA is being overly sensitive in order to protect your life and the lives of anyone else flying. What is your bringing light to the pat down you received going to do or solve? Your uncomfortable experience is not going to cause TSA or Homeland Security to think, "Ya know what? I think we'll do away with pat downs because she didn't like them. We really should just let people go on through. All people are totally trustworthy!" Quit your whining or drive to where you have to go.

Moral of the story/this blog: Anytime that something doesn't go your way or the way you planned doesn't mean that you should sue or make a huge fuss about it.

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