Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'll tell you what, if there were more mama's like mine, there would be a lot less crazies in this world. I'm by no means perfect or even normal, but she did something right. When I think of how I will raise my own children one day there are few things I'll do differently. With the exception of my sassy mouth and hatred of dirty dishes, I think I turned out pretty decent and I'd like to think my mom would agree.

She's incredibly merciful and gracious. There are many times she probably should have jacked me up and given me a nice beatin', but she was always waiting with loving and open arms for me to come running back when I realize what a ding dong I am.

We're certainly not a normal family. That is for sure. I can't think of too many people at almost 20 (ok, 19) years old that crawl into their parents bed every night to talk or watch our shows. Or that sit on their dads lap even when they don't want something.

When I was in the third grade, we read "Sarah, Plain and Tall", where the little girl, Anna's, mom dies (I can't remember why) one night and Anna didn't say "I love you" the night before she died. And since I read that, I never could go anywhere without saying "I love you" no matter how much we fought on the way to school or before I went to bed. I can remember in 9th grade, I didn't tell her I loved her when she dropped me off at school because I was mad about something and I had to ask my teacher if he would let me call her to tell her "I love you". Totally lame, I know. Last night I went into my parents room to say goodnight and my mom said, "Goodnight, sweetie. Love you." She always says "I love you" and "Goodnight", but the "sweetie" got me. I almost cried. I'm emotional all the time. I mean, I cry watching the kids and their mommy's on the merry-go-round in the food court at the mall, for goodness sakes.

Much like God's love for us, I wonder so often how such a flawed person, like myself, can be so adored. I'm an incredibly forgiving person, sometimes too much so, but I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the whole concept of forgiveness. So my prayer this week is for my heart to as open and gracious and merciful as the Lord.

I won't go on anymore about what a fantastic mom I have, but go tell yours how special she is and that you love her.