Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coupons! HT Triples Week!

Today began Harris Teeter's Triple Coupon Week running from 5/18-5/24. They will triple any coupon 99 cents or under until next Tuesday. Every crazy coupon woman who lives near an HT dreams about this week, myself included. I'm scared that soon I will be a crazy spinster cat lady.

I'm certainly no expert at this yet, but I got at least $50 worth of groceries today for under $10 with coupons. So basically, I'm amazing.

Since I already got everything that I wanted, I figured I'd share some of my best deals. And then maybe when we're 40 and still single, you can be my crazy cat lady roommate.

Harris Teeter:

Tropicana Trop50- 50 cents off Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, or any other flavor (excluding Orange Juice)

I got the Raspberry Lemonade because it was $1.99, the others were $3.99.

$1.99 - $1.50 (50 cent coupon tripled)= 49 cents Final Price

You can get the coupon here. (It's on the 11th page for me)

Glade Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator- 50 cents off any 1

Original Price: $2.19 (on sale)
$2.19 - $1.50 (50 cent coupon tripled)= 60 cents Final Price

This coupon is no longer on here, but if you check back over the next few days it could re-appear.

Athenos Greek Yogurt- 75 cents off any 2 Athenos Greek Yogurts

At HT this week, they are on sale, 5 for $5. They are usually close to $2 each.

2 Yogurts for $2

$2 - $2.25 (75 cent coupon tripled)= FREE
- Technically I should have made 25 cents, but Harris Teeter doesn't do "overages".

I printed this coupon off 2 times, per allotment on

BUT... I had another coupon that I got when I "liked" Athenos on Facebook. It was Buy One Get One Free (up to $1.89).

So... since they were on sale, I got 2 more for 50 cents.

ALL TOGETHER... I got 6 yogurts (usually $1.89) for 50 cents total.

Betty Crocker Cake Mix and Frosting- 75 cents off when you purchase any flavor of cake mix and frosting.

This coupon was an insert in the Sunday Paper.

Betty Crocker Cake Mix was on sale for $1.17 this week. And the frosting was $1.89.

$1.17 + $1.89= $3.06

$3.06 - $2.25 (75 cent coupon tripled)= 81 cents Final Price

I got lots of other great deals like Kraft Mac and Cheese for 24 cents and Gummy Bears for 39 cents, but the coupons I used were from past Sunday papers that I clipped then and saved.

I also got lots of great deals at Target this week using coupons from their website. But that will be another blog, because those deals will for sure blow your mind.

So laugh all you want, but when you're broke and hungry... don't ask me to share my gummy bears and cupcakes, because I'll most def say "no".

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