Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting Naked, Sex, and Why You Should Keep Your Clothes On

As a young Christian woman, I've noticed that teaching on the topic of sex is almost always approached one of two ways. The first being not teaching on it at all. The second being the use of scare tactics or what I like to call the "Mean Girls" approach. (You know? "You WILL get pregnant and die..."???) Neither of the above mentioned seem to be effective.

We are given the "no's" without the "yes's". The rules without the explanation.

Telling a 3 year old not to touch the hot eye on a stove is going to make the kid want to touch the stove. Telling a 15 year old to not have sex is going to make her want to have sex. More than likely, not because she is burning with passion, but because she is curious. Like the 3 year old, the 15 year old is going to get "burned" by her curiosity.

Being the profound and wise (almost) 20 year old that I am (sarcasm), I have taken it upon myself to elaborate on why saving yourself for marriage really is what is best for you. And more importantly, it is what God wants for us. You can thank me later... :).

We are called not only to virginity, but also to purity. Not having sex isn't just about avoiding intercourse. Plenty of people are getting physical with someone, touching each other, and doing things to one another that aren't actually sexual intercourse, but sure are sexual. They're getting together in intimate ways and trying to pretend theres no intimacy or connection.

God wants you to wait. He wants you to wait because He cares about you. He wants you to say "no" to something that He knows you want now because He knows that sex now- this way, this time, with this guy- holds short lived fulfillment and satisfaction. He knows that sex within marriage- a lifelong commitment- is so much better and so much more pleasurable. He wants you to wait for that kind of sex; he wants you to experience that. He wants you to know that sex outside of marriage is bad, but sex within marriage, the way God intended it, can be amazingly fun-filled and purpose-filled hot crazy sex.

Sex outside of marriage is, more often that not, awkward and nerve wracking. Your head is probably filled with self-concious thoughts and wondering if you'll get pregnant or an STD. But when it comes to sex within the walls of marriage, there doesn't have to be those kind of thoughts. If you married a good, Godly man, you are his standard of beauty. You married a man who should treat you the way that makes your friends jealous. You married a man who sees your body as his wonderland, and those 5 extra lbs. that you are self conscious about, he sees those as more acreage to roll around on :). In Song of Solomon 4:7, it says that Solomon tells his new bride, "All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you." Can you imagine someone telling you that? Someone who saved himself for you and you for him? That's enough to melt my heart!

Its easy to get naked and have sex. People do it all the time!!! But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit and thoughts and dreams and hopes and fears... that is being naked. That is letting go of all inhibitions and truly being with someone. That is what and how God intended sex to be.

Sex before marriage ruins relationships and prolongs bad ones. Don't let sex ruin you. Be a young woman or man of dignity and honor. Don't give up the amazing sex you can have with your future spouse for sex with some tool bag that you met at BAR.

God invented it, culture corrupted it, it is ours to reclaim!!!

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