Friday, July 15, 2011

How to Make Guys Not Stare at Your Goodies and What To Do When They Do

I've always said that I want to be the girl that guys want to marry, not the girl they want to sleep with. Why? Because sleeping around sounds like a lot of work! But more importantly because I want men to desire my heart and not my body. (Also because Banana Republic and Ann Taylor send me coupons more often than Body Central or where ever you get "club clothes")

Men so often take the heat for not treating women with respect. The blame the get is most certainly justified and well deserved. But women are doing nothing to thwart the disrespect and unwanted attention. We need to respect ourselves before we can demand respect from men.

That girl dancing on the bar wearing no more than a dress (thats really a shirt) and less than appropriate undergarments probably doesn't have a very high self worth. Or the woman with fake boobs, bigger than regulation NBA basketballs, who comes to the pool in a neon thong bikini, probably, deep down, doesn't think very highly of herself.

When we dress this way, we attract douche bags. If you dress like you respect yourself, i'll bet you'll attract a decent guy. (Definition of a decent guy: doesn't wear Ed Hardy, doesn't drink out of a keg, funnel, test tube, etc.)

When we dress like street walkers, we are (in a sense) "asking for it". Don't ask me why men stare at you and women talk about you behind your back when you're wearing shorts with a 4 centimeter inseam and a tank top from Baby Gap. I'll tell you that you need to quit dressing/acting like a bimbo and that you should quit pretending to be stupid. If you're not pretending, then you should pick up a book or turn on the news (not the naked news).

Don't let your "daddy issues" be the reason you dress like a stripper. Dress like you have a Father, even if the only good one you have is your Heavenly one.

Women are to be sought after and desired!! How can we be that if we let it all hang out and show off all our goody snacks? Instead of PLAYING hard to get, why don't we BE hard to get?!?! Be a good woman! Be a woman worth pursuing. Teach men to respect you by respecting yourself.

You are so much more than just an object. Your body is beautiful. It needs no enhancements, reductions, lifts, tweaks, fixes, or whatever!

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  1. Sadly, there aren't very many women out there who want to be "the girl that guys want to marry, not the girl they want to sleep with." Or, at lease, I haven't found very many. Which leaves men with two options, stay single and keep looking, or become one of those douchebags you talked about. Too bad for every lauren fox in the world there's 3 snookies parading around.